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CAMS 2022
Doctor Alex Shekhter


Abstract: Air and Space Platforms Technologies: Outlook and Challenges for Defence

Alex gained her PhD from Monash University in 2003. She worked in the Department of Materials Engineering at Monash University as a research fellow for two years working on the microstructure and properties of high-strength maraging steels. Since joining DSTG in November 2002, Alex has been involved in long-range research focussing on emerging materials technologies for airframes. She has also worked on the certification of new technologies for use on military aircraft and on technical risk assessments for novel materials and technologies for new platform acquisitions. She has led research programs designed to assess the performance of metallic materials and technologies in next-generation military aircraft. In her role as Group Leader for Aerospace Metallic Technologies, she concentrated on developing the certification methodology for additive manufacturing for metallic aerospace components, and also served as the lead for Defence’s additive manufacturing policy development. In 2020 Alex was promoted to Research Leader, Aerospace Platform Systems. In that role she is responsible for leading around 70 scientists, engineers and technical staff to provide optimised structural and propulsion technologies for Defence. She is also a lead for the “Resilience” theme within Resilient Multimission STaR Shot, a major part of the Defence Science & Technology Strategy 2030: More, Together.

Alex is a on the committee for the DSTG/RMIT Structures and Materials Research Program and Industry Committee and Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University.