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CAMS 2022

CAMS2022 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

CAMS is Australia’s largest interdisciplinary technical meeting on the latest advances in materials science, engineering and technology.

Our technical program will cover a range of themes identified by researchers and industry as issues of topical interest.

Symposia Chairs:

Additive, advanced & future manufacturing, processes and products Prof Huijun Lu (UOW), Prof Milan Brandt (RMIT), Prof Martin Leary (RMIT), A/Prof Dan Fabijanic (Deakin), Prof Aijun Huang (Monash)
Advances in materials characterisation Prof Michael Preuss (Monash), A/Prof Bernd Gludovatz (UNSW), Dr Andrew Breen (Sydney Uni), Dr Andrew Ang (Swinburne)
Advances in steel & light metals technology, metal casting & thermomechanical processing     Prof Nikki Stanford (UniSA), Prof Nick Birbilis (ANU), Prof Gwénaëlle Proust (Sydney Uni)
Biomaterials & nanomaterials for medicine Prof Cuie Wen (RMIT), Prof Neil Cameron (Monash)
Ceramics, glass and refractories, including materials for nuclear waste forms & fuels Prof George Franks (Melbourne Uni)
Corrosion wear resistant materials for demanding environments Dr Xiaobo Chen (RMIT), A/Prof Colin Hall (UniSA)
Materials for energy generation, conversion and storage A/ Prof Alexey Glushenkov (ANU), Prof Amanda Ellis (Melbourne Uni), Prof Baohua Jia (RMIT), Dr Peter Sherrell (Melbourne Uni), Dr Shammi Ferdousi (Deakin)
Materials simulation & modelling Prof Ivan Cole (RMIT), Prof Xiaodong Huang (Swinburne)
Nanostructured/nanoscale materials and interfaces Prof Zhenguo Huang (UTS), Prof Saulius Juodkazis (Swinburne), Prof Peter Kingshott (Swinburne)
Surfaces thin films & coatings Prof Chris Berndt (Swinburne), Prof Paul Munroe (UNSW), Prof Michael Khor (NTU)
Use of waste materials and environmental remediation/recycling and energy efficiency Prof Akbar Rhamdhani (Swinburne)
Posters Prof Nikki Stanford (UniSA), Dr Samuel Pinches (Swinburne)