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CAMS 2022

CAMS2022 Plenary Speakers

Professor Amanda Barnard


Abstract: Inverse design of multi-functional materials

Professor Amanda Barnard is one of Australia's most highly awarded computational scientists. She currently leads research at the interface of computational modeling, high performance supercomputing, and applied machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). She was awarded her BSc (Hons) in applied physics in 2000, and her PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics in 2003 from RMIT University. After graduating she accepted a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory (USA), and the prestigious senior research position as Violette & Samuel Glasstone Fellow...
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Dr. Alex Shekhter


Abstract: Air and Space Platforms Technologies: Outlook and Challenges for Defence

Alex gained her PhD from Monash University in 2003. She worked in the Department of Materials Engineering at Monash University as a research fellow for two years working on the microstructure and properties of high-strength maraging steels. Since joining DSTG in November 2002, Alex has been involved in long-range research focussing on emerging materials technologies for airframes. She has also worked on the certification of new technologies for use on military aircraft and on technical risk assessments for novel materials and technologies for new platform acquisitions. She has led research ...
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Professor Caroline McMillen


Abstract: Science, Innovation and the Future. Is it Material?

Professor Caroline McMillen commenced in the role as Chief Scientist for South Australia in October 2018 after serving as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle for 7 years. She was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2020, awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Adelaide in 2019 and was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences and a Bragg Member of the Royal Institution, Australia in 2015. Professor McMillen was also honoured at the end of her term as Vice-Chancellor to be presented with the Key to the City of Newcastle by the Lord Mayor in recognition of her leadership contribution to Newcastle and the region.
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